I want to welcome you personally to my website.  I use the word personally, because I have described in my website my areas of practice in which I have had much experience and in which you might need assistance.  I am very proud that I have been practicing law in Massachusetts since June 10, 1975, and in that time period I have worked hard for professional success and recognition in the area of family law.  I developed this interest in family law, in part, based upon my being interested in the welfare of people and my good fortune to have had the guidance and friendship of two probate court judges.  Both Judge Albert Pettoruto and Judge Haskell Freedman were renowned and highly esteemed jurists in the probate court when I first started my law practice.  Both judges took an interest in me and served as mentors to my professional development.  I attribute their assistance and wisdom to my specializing in this area of the law.  Both judges demanded excellence from the advocates that appeared before them.

As a result of their interest and encouragement, my professional standing in the legal community grew.  For instance on October 6, 1990 I was elected as a fellow to the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.  This event in my career stands out in my mind, as the organization has a membership of some of the most excellent and ethical advocates in the legal profession.  As a fellow of the Academy, I participated in legal seminars that our group sponsored, I chaired the Amicus Curiae committee, authoring and coauthoring briefs to the Supreme Judicial Court on issues not yet determined in the Commonwealth, and served as a board member for our chapter.  As I developed a facility in presenting issues to the appellate courts, I found yet another area of the law within the area of family law that I enjoyed.  I am proud to say that I have done both single justice petitions in the Appeals Court and appellate work in more than forty cases.  I find my role in writing the appellate briefs and appearing before a panel of justices to argue for the rights of my clients is the greatest accomplishment of my practice.  As a result, I have the pleasure of knowing that I have had cases that now are cited in our court decisions and argued by other lawyers in their cases.

If from this introduction to my website, you can detect that I am still excited, you are correct.  I really love the work that I do.  I like welcoming people to meet with me and my helping them solve the problems in their lives that plague them.  In the first instance I try to work out the differences that I might have with other counsel.  There is no substitute for a negotiated and fair settlement.  An agreement can be far more creative and specifically solve the problems with which the client is bedeviled. An agreement allows the client to have control over his/her destiny. 

If the parties cannot agree to a resolution, then outside intervention needs to be accomplished.  In other words, my role becomes one as advocate to present a clear and convincing case to the judge who will decide my client’s case.  I have tried a great many cases over the years.  Some of the cases are quite lengthy, lasting for more than ten days.  The most difficult cases are the custody cases and the removal cases.  People wake up to the reality that they are going to lose their spouse, and they do not want to lose their children.  To me, the most important part of any case is to protect the children and the family.  My profession, I think, can learn from the medical profession when doctors are instructed “to do no harm”.

In summary, I believe in representing my clients to the best of my ability in a professional and expert manner, displaying the excellence of practice to advocate and negotiate the client’s point of view.  Sometimes this means that I must tell the client that he/she is wrong, and an adjustment in thinking must occur.  I believe in intellectual honesty, and believe in the need to confront and instruct my client so there is an understanding of the issues in the case and what makes sense under all the circumstances.

I guess in recognition of my striving for so many years, I was named Super Lawyer in New England and in Massachusetts for 2006 and 2007. I am proud of that accomplishment, and look forward to doing other wonderful things in the years ahead.

I consider myself very lucky.  I have been uniquely placed to help you.  Please call me if I can help you. 

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